Meet the Very Daring Baboons in Busitema Forest.

Busitema Forest is found within eastern Uganda along the route towards Tororo-Busia route and is shared by 3 Districts that include Busia, Bugiri and Tororo (takes the biggest part). This small Forest stretches for an area of 25 square kilometers (9.6 square miles/2500 hectares) and is popular for offering shelter to a large number of olive baboons that are usually found/seen along the Highway. This Forest receives relatively fewer tourists when compared to other popular Forest Reserves like Mabira, Budongo and Kalinzu and according to some of the local guides, over 500 visitors explore the Forest every year.

Things to see and do within Busitema Forest
Busitema Forest is a haven to a number of endemic wildlife species such as the Fox’s weaver (an exceptional rat species), primates especially the olive baboons that can easily be sighted along the highway as you drive along the road. However, other primates such as the vervet monkeys also attract tourists to this destination and the trained local guides will lead you through the forest to search for the different attractions that are found in the forest. This makes primate and wildlife trekking one of the most interesting activities tourists undertake within the Forest Reserve.

There are numerous bird species that call this forest home thus interested birders will enjoy what this site offers. Some of the common species include the Ross turaco, weavers and sunbirds, thus making bird watching one of the important tourist activities within this small Forest.

Nature walks within this small jungle allow tourists to spot the different primates, butterflies and tree species that call the site home. There are several trained local guides hired to escort and guide tourists through the forest during a safari in Uganda, because most of them are well informed about the different attractions in the forest and their locations.  This Forest is also a home to various tree species of scientific and cultural significance.

Therefore, Busitema Forest is one of the wonderful destinations tourists can visit in Uganda to see the daring olive baboons as well as other monkeys in a serene environment. A visit to the site means you will have the entire forest to yourself but also have local guides giving you total attention due to the few number of tourists it receives.