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District Council


     Some of the Council and technical staff of Busia Local Government

 The District Council is the highest political authority, with 34 members under the headship of the District Chairperson coming from different 14 sub-counties of which 14 are females and 20 are males of  Buhehe,Buteba, Bulumbi, Busime, Busitema Buyanga, Dabani, Lumino, Lunyo, Masaba, Masinya, Masafu, Majanji and Sikuda. It has a technical team headed by the Chief Administrative Officer, distributed in 12 departments that is to say; Administration, Finance, Statutory bodies, Production, Health, Education, Works and Water, Natural resource, Community Based Services, Planning, Internal Audit and Trade, industry and local development. Each department has a head and under each department, there are a number of sections.