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Busia District Profile

General Information

    Total population for the district :         360,200 (175,500 males 184,700 Females)

     Number of Constituencies:                 3 (Samia-Bugwe North, Samia-Bugwe South & Busia Municipality) 

     Population per Constituency:             157,725_Samia Bugwe South, 140,557_Samia-Bugwe North, 61,918 Busia Municipality (projected)

     Number of Division(Municipality):      2 Divisions(Western & Eastern

     Number of Sub-Counties:                 14 Plus 2 Divisions

     How many sub counties have electricity :         12 ( Twelve) plus 2 Divisions

     How many sub counties without power:          Two (Buyanga & Masinya)

     Number of Town Councils:            4 (but not yet functional)

     Number of Parishes:                      63 (55 Rural and 8 Urban)

     Number of villages:                       569 (545 Rural and 24 Urban)

Total Budget for the District FY 2019/2020 Projection:  UGX 32,271,733,000

     Amount from Donors:                                   UGX 115,000,000

     Total Local Revenue:                                     UGX 293,157,000

     Release from Central Government:                UGX 31,863,576,000

     Total Budget for the District FY 2018/2019:  UGX 31,375,686,000

      Amount from Donors:                                    UGX. 132,000,000

      Total Local Revenue:                                      UGX 270,158,000

       Release from Central Government:                 UGX 30,973,528,000

 How much has the district received for the last 4 Financial years:

       The amount received this financial year 2018/2019 Shs: UGX 31,375,686,000 (projected)


FINANCIAL YEAR AMOUNT 2018/2019:     30,973,528,000
2019/2020- PROJECTED:                         31,863,576,000
TOTAL AMOUNT:                                      62,837,104,000

Central Government Releases for 2018/2019

       Total release for the whole year:  UGX 30,973,528,000

        Items supplied under Operation Wealth Creation and quantity…..

        Maintenance of Rural Roads:      UGX. 664,053,000

        Maintenance of Urban Roads:

        Rural Water:                               UGX 626,811,000

        Health:                                       UGX 3,525,565,000

        Education:                                  UGX 15,480,783,000

Community Service (Youth Livelihood programme):

        Youth Livelihood programme :                         UGX. 426,622,000
        Uganda Women Entreprenuership Programme: UGX 242,141,000
        Tax Compensation (District): N/A

         G/Tax Compensation (Town Council):       N/A

         Unconditional Grant – Wage (District):       UGX 1,367,113,000

         Conditional Grant- NWage (District):         UGX 874,305,000

         Conditional Grant (Town Council):

         PRDP funds:                                              UGX 1,040,849,182 (DDEG to LLGs)

         NUSAF funds:                                            UGX 2,070,294,000

Central Government Releases for 2019/2020 as per District projection

          Total release for the whole year:       UGX 31,863,576,000

           Items supplied under Operation Wealth Creation and quantity…..

           Maintenance of Rural Roads:            UGX 664,053,000

           Maintenance of Urban Roads:

           Rural Water:                                     UGX 581,589,000

           Health:                                            UGX 3,525,564,303

           Education:                                       UGX 15,527,457,000

Community Service (Youth Livelihood programme): UGX 426,622,000

            NUSAF funds:                                 UGX 2,070,294,000

            G/Tax Compensation (District):      N/A

            G/Tax Compensation (Town Council): N/A

            Unconditional Grant-Wage (District):  UGX 1,368,151,850

            Conditional Grant- NWage (District): 865,256,330