The Third District Development Plan (DDPIII) comes at a critical time in our country and indeed the world at large, is confronted with the COVID–19 pandemic. Our resolve and determination is to rise above this, and focus on our vision to develop a harmonious population/community that has all the essential amenities of life by 2040. Now more than ever, the alignment of our District Vision to Uganda Vision 2040, EAC Vision 2050 and Africa Agenda 2063 as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) must be accelerated by taking full advantage of the opportunities that our beloved District has been availed with.

Acknowledging the interconnectedness of our Local Government and the Centre, the NDPIII aims at increasing household incomes and improving the quality of life of Ugandans through sustainable industrialization for inclusive growth, employment and sustainable wealth creation. Busia District is well-endowed with abundant natural resources, and a major thrust of our DDPIII is how to harness and sustainably use the available natural resources for socio-economic development for the benefit of current and future generations of Ugandans. Working closely with private sector, in a mixed economy approach, the district intends to offer an opportunity for her population to improve on essential domestic production of goods and services of the basic necessities of livelihood; food, clothing, shelter, security, infrastructure, health, education and services by ensuring maximum exploitation of abundant factors of production to improve the livelihood of its citizens.

DDPIII consolidates the achievements of the previous Plans. Since 2010, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Government has been steadfast in providing an enabling environment for the private sector growth, improving the living conditions and overall quality of life of Ugandans. The District has performed well and when we reflect on where we have come from as a district, we have much to be proud of. Most notably, we boast improved infrastructure and expansion of access to social services such as schools, health centers, electricity, markets and roads.

DDPIII will strive to enhance value addition in key growth opportunities especially in Agriculture, Industry and Minerals which are essential to livelihood of Ugandans and have the highest potential to generate employment for our people, prosperity, and positive multiplier effects on other sectors. Increasing productivity, inclusiveness and wellbeing of the population will also be crucial to improving the quality of life of the labor force needed for industrialization as well as the life of Ugandans. The human capital development programme will improve the productivity of Ugandans by ensuring a healthy and an educated resilient Ugandan population. To effectively address strategic bottlenecks, DDPIII has laid out 4 Programmes to promote a coordinated approach to achievement of the development objectives.

With resolute dedication and discipline in implementation and monitoring of DDPIII and prudent use of our abundant natural resources and economic wealth, we are poised to migrate into the middle-income status and secure a beautiful legacy for current and future generations of Ugandans. The achievement of the socioeconomic transformation aspirations is a concerted and collective effort.

We urge us all to seize the investment opportunities outlined in this Plan. Particularly, the Private Sector, Civil Society, Youth, Cultural Institutions, Faith-Based Organizations and Development Partners have a significant role to play in the realization of the development aspirations. Leaders, policy makers and implementers should have the right attitude for effective and efficient service delivery and support to implementation. Similarly, the general public should have a positive mind-set towards the Plan for its successful implementation.

We do take this opportunity to sincerely thank all development partners especially IFAD, USAID, UNICEF, UNFPA, African Development Bank, World Bank, World Vision, Rhites-EC, Child Fund, FOC_REV, Brac, and many others for the continued support they rendered the District over the past  5 years and we look forward for the same.  Appreciation also goes to service providers especially Banks (Stanbic, DTB, Equity, Centenary, FINCA, DFCU and Finance Trust), Telecommunication firms and Contractors who render services to the District and its population.  I do pledge my support and that of the entire District Council that we shall continue to put to proper use all resources & services that we receive for the benefit of the people of the District.

For God and My Country.

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